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Extension and Learning Support Programmes

At times, children require programmes beyond their regular classroom programmes to meet their individual learning needs.  Children who are achieving above or below expectations, or show flair and talents that can't be catered for in their own classrooms, are identified and monitored.  Programmes usually run for part of the year, or as individuals and groups require them, depending on need and availability of resources. 

Reading Recovery

We employ a part-time Reading Recovery Teacher who works in a 1-1 situation with children who are finding it challenging to secure early literacy skills.  Children are selected and prioritised for the programme at the end of their first year of school.  The programme involves daily 1-1 teaching for 30 minutes and is very structured.  Children are not removed from the programme until they meet the expected level in reading, and are then carefully monitored as they move through the school.

Extension Programmes

As required, and as resources are available, we plan and implement extension programmes.  These are usually linked to a curriculum area such as Literacy, Mathematics, Science, etc.