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Classroom Programmes

Class programmes are planned to implement the long term overview of the School and Learning Hubs, and also to meet the needs of individuals.  Teachers spend time at the beginning of the year finding out about children and their interests.  The needs and interests of the class are carefully considered by teachers as they plan programmes and contexts for learning.  More detailed information about each Learning Hub's programmes can be found on their Learning Hub page.


We believe reading and writing are explicitly linked.  Where possible, contexts for literacy learning are integrated into the inquiry focus of the class, and a range of text forms and purposes are covered in teaching programmes. Children have daily opportunities for writing and are encouraged to see themselves as authors with something worthwhile to say and share.  Programmes are differentiated by teachers to ensure those with learning support or extension needs are catered for.  If required, students may be involved in support or extension programmes in addition to their regular classroom programme.


During the year, classroom programmes include teaching in relation to number, algebra, statistics, measurement and geometry.  Number knowledge is a key component of programmes throughout the year, including developing instant recall of basic facts and an understanding of place value.  Children are grouped according to need and programmes cater for the learning needs of individuals.  If required, students may be involved in support or extension progrmame in addition to their regular classroom programme.

Integrated Inquiry

Each term, syndicates have a focus that integrates learning across curriculum areas.  Depending on the planned context for learning, this can include Health, Science, Technology, Social Sciences, The Arts and Te Reo Maori.  Teaching our values is also an integral part of class programmes.  Where appropriate, we teach using an inquiry approach, including students' questions in the direction of learning programmes.  


We hold school assemblies once every 3 weeks on a Friday afternoon.  Our assemblies are attended by large numbers of parents and it is a great opportunity for us to share our work and celebrate successes.