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Student Leadership

As students move through the school, we work to develop their leadership skills.  When they get to Year 5 & 6, there are leadership opportunities available for students who prove to be responsible and independent.  

Pinehaven Student Leadership Group

At Years 5 and 6, students can apply to be in the leadership group.  The leadership group are involved in a range of exciting activities here at school. This group is responsible for providing a voice for the students (including gathering the views of younger children), organising events and taking on other responsibilities around the school as required.  In addition to being an important voice, this year our leadership group have been setting up a Trade Me account to sell items that are surplus to requirements, and have undertaken training to enable them to facilitate activities for other students at lunchtimes.

Road Patrollers

We have a team of diligent Year 6 students who control our pedestrian crossing before and after school.  They work hard to ensure children and families crossing the road are safe.  The Road Patrollers are responsible and able to manage their time effectively.  We very much appreicate the work they do at our school. 

P.E. Monitors

Senior students are rostered on as P.E. Monitors.  They ensure children have a range of P.E. equipment to play with at lunchtimes and keep the shed in order!

Wet Lunch Monitors

Senior students are rostered on to assist junior classes on wet days.  They spend break times in the junior rooms, assisting younger children with making good decisions about inside play activities.