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Our school participates in a range of sports.  All classes participate in regular P.E. and fitness activities.  We try to offer something for everyone and we have a focus on participation and being a positive team member.  Having said that, we also work hard to achieve our potential and when we participate in events and tournaments, we aim to win. 

Fitness and Physical Education

Students are taught skills as part of their class P.E. programmes.  Skills covered include swimming, gymnastics, athletics, running, catching, throwing and striking balls, dance and Te Reo Kori (Māori movement activities).  Team skills are an important part of the P.E. programme.  Fitness activities are also included in daily programmes and the whole school enjoys a shared session of Jump Jam most Fridays. 

Inter-School Sports Tournaments

We are a member of the Upper Valley Primary School Sports Association and participate in a range of sports tournaments with other primary schools in Upper Hutt.  

Pinehaven Pacers

The Pinehaven Pacers running club meet before school on a Wednesday morning.  They run with parents in our local neigbourhood, including the track through the bush.  The group learn about sports people and their achievements.  Children are encouraged to participate and run at their own pace.  The group are made up from children of all ages who attend the school. Throughout the year, events such as the "Mucky Challenge" and "Night Run" are organised for our Pinehaven Pacers.


Girls and boys from Years 3-6 can participate in the local school competition on Saturday mornings during the netball season.  Teams are coached and managed by parent volunteers. Games take place at Silverstream School and Heretaunga College, depending on the age of the teams.

Get more from Sport 

Take the test to check out your parent perspective on what we are should be getting our school age children thinking about and doing in the area of sport.