Cool Websites for Kids!

The first group of websites will help you with learning across the curriculum, then they are sorted into learning areas.  If you know of some more that would be useful to add, email them to Ms Macnee or Mr Stanton.



Activities to help you with your learning

Kiwi Kids News


News written just for Kiwi Kids!



Compete in fun educational games with kids from all around the world

Bubble Dome     


Basic Facts


A range of basic facts games and activities

Fractions Games


Fraction Monkeys   

General Maths


Cool Maths 4 Kids 

Number Knowledge


Year 1-3 Number Knowledge Fun

Year 4-6 Number Knowledge Fun

  These powerpoint presentations will help develop your number knowledge.


Words and Vocabulary


Cool way to visually present words about a topic or even words to describe you!


An online thesaurus that maps the words


Fun games to build your vocabulary 

  Free Rice - every correct answer results in donating rice to the United Nations Food Programme

Writing Tools


My Story Maker


Really fun story starters



Practise your grammar through these fun games

Reading   Read books and do follow up activities