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What is the significance of our value tree?

Below is an explanation of the symbols and elements that construct the Pinehaven Value Tree.

values symbol tiki2


Representative of our Whakapapa, being the root of our tree and existence.

values symbol hands


Are our community offering assistance and support. The hands being firmly buried amongst the roots of the tree. The tiki hands feature on the branches of our tree to indicate the continued support from our community. 

values symbol koru


The unfurling frond itself is symbolic of new life, new beginnings, and creation.The Koru is also an extension of some of the branches, demonstrating new growth.

values symbol mangopare


Holds the symbolic meaning of strength and determination in Maori culture. Located deep within the trunk of our tree, the Mangopare starts at the bottom and ascends to the top – representing what a key ingredient in the growth of our tree.

values symbols enviroment


These icons represent the environment in which we live and the elements that keep the tree sustainable, all key ingredients for the growth and success of the tree.

Mountains/Hills – Our Pinehaven environment.
Clouds – That bring us water and feed our tree.
Sun – Essential for growth.
Fern – Represents our native bush.
Water – Essential for growth.
Kiwi – Symbolic of who we are as a nation.


 Hover over each value below for a description

Manaakitanga • Mana Whenua • Whakawhanaunatanga